Adobe Premiere Rush supercharges video speed adjustment

Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe’s cross-platform video editor for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, arrived on select Android devices in May following a broad launch last year on PC, Mac, and iOS. Now, Adobe is beefing up Rush with a new feature that enables users to manipulate the speed of videos and add ramps while maintaining pitch.

The speed adjustment controls in Rush version 1.2 live in the speed panel (under the subheader Range Speed) and display speed as a percentage, where 100% is real time and values below or above the baseline are in slow and fast motion, respectively. You’re able to enter a specific value or use a slider, and optionally enable the Maintain Pitch option to preserve the original pitch of audio at any speed. (Normally, speeding up footage raises the audio’s pitch, while slowing it down lowers it.)

The feature niftily lets you adjust speed within portions of clips as opposed to whole scenes. Creating these portions is as easy as dragging the blue handles on the target clip in the timeline or in the speed panel; as the handles are dragged, Rush displays particular frames where the changes take full effect.

Speed adjustment in Adobe Premiere Rush

Speed adjustment in Adobe Premiere Rush
Image Credit: Adobe

As for ramping, which refers to the progressive speeding up or slowing down in or out of a speed range, they’re set to 0.5 seconds by default, but can be adjusted to any value. As Adobe notes, they help smooth out speed changes that might otherwise seem jarring.

Lastly, the updated Rush lets you manually set a clip’s duration, after which it automatically adjusts the clip’s speed to the appropriate value.

Among Adobe Rush’s other core features are integrated color, audio, and motion graphics tools and one-click publishing to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, with support for native YouTube features like video scheduling and thumbnail selection. Also on tap is auto-ducking, which leverages the power of Adobe Sensei — Adobe’s machine learning framework — to automatically generate clip volume keyframes from music to reduce the volume when dialogue, sound effects, and other audio elements are present…Read more

Adobe’s Premiere Rush version 1.2 adds speed adjustments

Adobe’s Premiere Rush latest update brings its highest requested feature—speed adjustments—to its mobile video editor.

When Adobe’s cross-platform editing app Premiere Rush launched last year, I was excited for the tools it provided and also for the opportunities it gave beginner content creators since its so simple and easy to use from a mobile device. However, the first iteration did lack a few features.

Figure A

Recently, Premiere Rush got a new update. One of the most requested feature—speed adjustments—was added to Premiere Rush version 1.2.

Speed up and slow down

With Premiere Rush version 1.2 users can now adjust the playback speed of their video footage to truly immerse viewers into a scene. You can use speed to show extended time periods in a few moments or conversely, slow footage down to draw your viewers in for peak interest (Figure A). Premiere Rush version 1.2 makes this easy to achieve for any video creator.

The interface of Premiere Rush version 1.2 is touch friendly on the desktop version, and this translates well with mobile devices. The speed option is clearly visible on the menu and uses toggles, sliders, and handles to help you dial in your speed settings…Read more