Say Hello To All New Creative Cloud!

Say Hello To All New Creative Cloud!

New apps, new features, and faster, easier ways to work together.

The latest release of Creative Cloud for teams is here, and it’s packed with new apps and features designed to fuel your team’s creativity and help everyone work more efficiently across devices.

Fall in love with Illustrator all over again. Dream even bigger with the smartest Photoshop yet. Create wherever you’re inspired. Spend more time with your creative community. In this release, everything works together. And we can’t wait to see where you take it! 

Say hello to Illustrator on the iPad.

Illustrator has been reimagined to fit perfectly on the iPad — free with your Illustrator or Creative Cloud All Apps subscription. Now you can feel the natural ease of drawing lines and curves with Apple Pencil. Make patterns with a tap, point, or touch. Play with type on a path. Read more.


A faster, smarter, easier Photoshop. Really.

You don’t like that sky? Replace it. Is that finish too faded? Brighten it. You want to paint a pattern? It’s so simple. We could go on and on. But better you try it yourself.
Read more. 


More than royalty-free. Now free-free with Adobe Stock. 

Our newest collection includes more than 60,000 free images, vectors, and videos. Same high quality. Same awesome search features. Search free collection.


Work anywhere. Learn everywhere.

If you’re a remote worker or distance learner, the new added services, tools, and features are just for you. Now it’s easy to cut the wait out of workflows, keep remote teams connected, get PDFs e-signed, and free everyone to focus on the next big project. Learn more. 

For a complete list of updates released in Creative Cloud 2020 please contact us via email at

Meet Photoshop Elements 2021 & Premiere Elements 2021

Meet Photoshop Elements 2021 & Premiere Elements 2021

It’s never been easier to turn your inspiration into endless creativity!

Turn your inspiration into stunning creations with powerful, easy-to-use software. Discover automated editing, step-by-step guides, effortless organisation, fun ways to share, and more. With the all-new Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 & Adobe Premiere Elements 2021, you can:
  • Take advantage of new automated options to help you edit, create, organise, and share your photos and videos.
  • Do more with five new step-by-step Guided Edits to create modern duotone images; perfect your landscape photos; easily move, scale, or duplicate objects in your pictures; make cool double exposures, and reveal your videos with animated matte overlays.
  • Take your movies to the next level by selecting a specific object—or area—of your video and easily applying an effect that tracks throughout the video.
  • Make inspirational Quote Graphics—great for social media—with pre-set templates, tons of customisation, and cool animation options.
  • Enjoy new GPU-accelerated performance for high-quality playback of many awesome effects without rendering first.
  • Set the mood of your movie with the perfect soundtrack using brand new music.
  • Show off your creations in print or online, make fun GIFs for social media, or share your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

Elements family comparison


Compare the products in the Elements 2021 family and find the one that’s right for you.


  Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 Photoshop
Elements 2021 &
Premiere Elements 2021
Beautiful photo and video slideshows, collages, and effects are created just for you and delivered upon launch. It’s all powered by Adobe Sensei AI technology*.
Get up and running quickly with the home screen. Discover fun things to try, see what’s new since your last version, and get inspiring ideas, help, and tutorials.
Go from hundreds of mystery folders to a visual view of your photos and videos
Easily find photos and videos by who’s in them, the places they were taken, the events they depict, albums, and favorites.
See your best photos auto-curated based on quality, faces, subjects, and more.  
Make your photos look amazing with automated photo editing powered by Adobe Sensei and and Guided Edits that help you learn as you go. There’s always room to add your personal touch.  
Create quote graphics, animated GIFs, memes, and collages for social media.  
Share with friends and family the way that works for you—YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and more.  
Create incredible videos and movies with automated video editing powered by Adobe Sensei and Guided Edits that help you learn as you go. There’s always room to add your personal touch.  
Add style and polish videos with sleek transitions, double exposure effects, animated mattes, music tracks, and dozens more effects, transitions, titles, and themes.  
Share with friends and family the way that works for you—via disc, HDTV, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.  
Use video frames to create freeze-frame movie effects or make disc covers and labels.    
Get a great value with two products in one bundle.    


Contact us today to find out more about the Elements family. Our Sales Team are on hand to answer any questions you may have or provide more detailed version comparison charts. 

Adobe Acrobat 2015 End of Life – And why you should consider upgrading.

Adobe Acrobat 2015 End of Life – And why you should consider upgrading.

In line with the Adobe Support Lifecycle Policy, end of product and technical support for Adobe Acrobat 2015 and Adobe Reader 2015 officially ended on 7 July 2020. What does this mean and what are the risks of continued usage? Let’s take a look below.

End of support means your organisation will no longer get product or security updates, leaving your organisation vulnerable to malware and other attacks. This policy affects product and security updates for all derivatives of a product or product version, including localised versions, minor upgrades, operating systems, dot and double-dot releases, and connector products.

By updating to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC customers benefit from the latest functional enhancements, operating system support and improved security measures. Keeping your software up to date helps protect your systems against those potential security risks.


Why upgrade to Adobe Acrobat DC subscription?


 Adobe have been the leader in secure digital documents for over 25 years. By combining Adobe Acrobat desktop software with premium features in the Acrobat Reader mobile app and Adobe

Document Cloud services, Acrobat DC delivers the most complete PDF solution for today’s multi device, cloud-connected workforce.

Organisations are looking to engage in a digital transformation, moving manual and paper-based processes into comprehensive digital capabilities. This means departments across organisations are seeking solutions to help increase operational efficiency, reduce the risks associated with human error, and create intuitive end-to-end digital experiences. Increased efficiencies and cost savings with Acrobat DC.

Acrobat DC enables IT efficiencies with easier PDF software administration, including license management, deployments, updates, and upgrades. Employees also save time by making document-intensive processes quicker and more seamless using tools to organise PDFs and improve end-to-end document workflows. And now we have the stats to prove it.

Forrester Research completed a third-party benchmark study measuring the effectiveness and total economic impact of Acrobat DC.

With an Acrobat DC subscription through the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP), your organisation can :

Deploy and manage with ease—Deploy apps and updates centrally or let users self-install. Assign, reassign, remove, and track licenses with just a few clicks in the intuitive, web-based Admin Console. And deliver secure remote access to Acrobat DC with virtualisation support for named user licensing.

Keep software up to date—Get access to the latest innovations with new features and security updates as soon as they’re available to deploy on your own schedule, at no additional charge.

Maximise your Microsoft investments—Increase team productivity and get more out of your Microsoft investment by adding timesaving PDF tools to Office 365. With Acrobat DC, teams can create high-quality, password-protected PDF files that preserve fonts, formatting, and layouts directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Teams can also convert PDFs to editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and RTF files, as well as create, combine, and organise PDFs directly from SharePoint and OneDrive. And you can enable users to open PDFs protected by Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) solutions.

Empower team productivity anywhere—Give your organisation access to files and essential PDF tools on their desktop, mobile device, or web browser. Teams never know when work needs to happen, so empower them to stay connected and productive whenever and wherever.

Receive consolidated purchasing and volume discounts—Save big with volume discounts, extend your license term up to three years to keep your budget predictable, and add more licenses at the discounted price through VIP. Plus manage all your Adobe subscriptions conveniently in one VIP agreement.

Get expert help when you need it—Count on advanced 24×7 technical support, onboarding help, and 1:1 learning sessions with an Adobe product expert to get you up and running fast, and help you get the most out of Acrobat DC.

Security Features

At Adobe, the security of your digital experience is taken very seriously. Security practises are deeply ingrained into the internal software development, operations processes and tools. These practises are strictly followed by cross-functional teams to help prevent, detect and respond to incidents in an expedient manner. Adobe are always up to date with the latest threats and vulnerabilities through collaborative work with partners, leading researchers, security research institutions and other industry organisations.

Adobe Acrobat DC includes a set of redaction tools that help customers protect sensitive or confidential information, including permanent deletion of both text and graphic images in a document before distribution. In addition, users can search and redact content based on patterns, such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, and email addresses.

File sharing
All Document Cloud files stored in the cloud are automatically labeled “Private,” which means the content is only visible to the end user who uploaded it. An end user must take explicit actions to share that content, or it will remain private. All Document Cloud content sharing is completed by sending a link to the Document Cloud content to the recipient(s) via email, text, or any collaboration software.

Asset settings and sharing restrictions
Asset settings give an organisation control over how employees share assets outside the organisation. The IT administrator can select a restrictive setting that limits employees from using specific sharing features within Document Cloud, including restricting invitation-based sharing to recipients in the claimed, trusted, and whitelisted domains.

Protected Mode in Acrobat Reader DC
To help protect customers from malicious code that attempts to use the PDF format to write to or read from a computer’s file system, Adobe delivers an implementation of Sandboxing technology called Protected Mode, which was introduced in Adobe Reader X. Sandboxing is a security method that creates a confined execution environment in which to run programs with low rights or privileges. Sandboxes help protect users’ systems from being harmed by untrusted documents that contain executable code. In the context of Acrobat Reader DC, the untrusted content would be any PDF file and the process that it might invoke. Acrobat Reader DC treats all PDF files as potentially corrupt and confines all processing that the PDF file invokes to the sandbox.

Acrobat Reader DC Protected Mode helps defend against attackers attempting to install malware on a computer system, which supports organisations’ efforts to prevent malicious actors from accessing and extracting sensitive data and intellectual property from their networks. Protected Mode is enabled by default whenever a user launches Acrobat Reader DC and limits the level of access granted to the program, safeguarding systems running Microsoft Windows from malicious PDF files that might attempt to write to or read from the computer’s file system, delete files, or otherwise modify system information. Protected Mode on Windows 8 and above can also run in a Windows AppContainer, providing an even stronger locked-down environment for customers who enable Protected Mode.   

Protected View in Acrobat DC
Like Protected Mode, Protected View confines the execution of untrusted programs (for example, any PDF file and the processes that it invokes) to a restricted sandbox to avoid malicious code using the PDF format from writing to or reading from the computer’s file system. Protected View assumes that all PDF files are potentially malicious and confines processing to the sandbox, unless the user specifically indicates that a file is trusted.

Entitlement and identity management
IT administrators entitle end-user access to Adobe Document Cloud services by utilising named user licensing in the Adobe Admin Console. Acrobat Document Cloud supports three (3) different types of user-named licensing:

  • Adobe ID—For Adobe-hosted, user-managed accounts that are created, owned, and controlled by individual users. Adobe ID accounts only have access to Acrobat Document Cloud services if an IT administrator enables access.
  • Enterprise ID—An Adobe-hosted, enterprise-managed option for accounts that are created and controlled by IT administrators from the customer’s enterprise organisation. The organisation owns and manages the user accounts and all associated assets.
  • Federated ID—An enterprise-managed account where all identity profiles are provided by the customer’s single sign-on (SSO) identity management system and are created, owned, and controlled by the customer’s IT infrastructure. Adobe integrates with most SAML 2.0 compliant identity providers.

Virus protection
Adobe scans all inbound and outbound corporate email for known malware threats.

Customer data confidentiality
Adobe always treats all customer data as confidential. Adobe does not use or share the information collected on behalf of a customer except as may be allowed in a contract with that customer and as set forth in the Adobe Terms of Use and the Adobe Privacy Policy.

Adobe’s proactive approach to security and stringent procedures described help protect the security of Adobe Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC, and Document Cloud services—and your confidential data. At Adobe, the evolving threat landscape in continuously being monitored to stay ahead of malicious activities and help ensure the security of our customers’ data.

For more information on Acrobat 2015 and Acrobat Reader 2015 end of support, please visit:

Contact us today to request more information on upgrading your software. Our experienced Sales Team are on hand to answer any of your questions and assist with a stress free transition. 

6 Steps to  Creative Efficiency

6 Steps to Creative Efficiency

As marketers, you’re well aware of the value of creating, publishing and sharing content that increases awareness of your brand.

Are your teams struggling to come up with fresh ideas that hit the mark, time after time? Do you pride yourselves on a quick turnaround from concept to campaign delivery or does the creation of new content seem to drag on for ages, through endless meetings and numerous rounds of feedback?

Here are 6 simple steps you can take to build a more efficient process for creating content and some tips for using Creative Cloud for teams to help you. 

Evaluate the process you have now.

Whichever way you look at it: if you create content, you do have a content creation process. It’s just a question of whether that process is written down or not and whether it was put together as the result of a conscious decision or a happy accident.

To discover what your process is (or to check whether it’s being followed) take a couple of recent pieces of content and write down the people and steps it passed through on its way to being published. This should give you a decent starting point.

Of course, if the results are wildly different for each piece of content, it’s possible that you may have more than one process.

Identify bottlenecks and unnecessary steps.

There’s no right or wrong content process: it depends on the needs of your organisation. But as you analyse your process, you may discover that some steps are happening at the wrong time, don’t need to happen at all or are slowing up everything else.

Maybe things are taking a long time to get through design or perhaps some steps are being repeated unnecessarily. For example, do you really need to proofread drafts as soon as they are written, if you do it again before publishing? Or you may even discover that you’re a bottleneck yourself and you need to change who’s responsible for giving feedback.

Reduce the number of people giving feedback.

Feedback invariably takes a long time and it can complicate content creation or even derail it completely. Everyone in your organisation is busy doing their own work and if they are asked to give feedback on content creation on top of this, it’s all too easy for the feedback to become the lowest priority or drop off the to-do list altogether.

It’s a good idea to have as few people as possible giving their opinions or being involved in sign off. You could also try to get pre-approval on proposed content. Put together a mood board of similar images or circulate a title and synopsis for your article to give everyone a clear idea of what you’re planning, to get their buy-in before you start creating.

Get structured feedback, not staggered feedback.

A common pitfall is having multiple rounds of feedback and approval, with each stakeholder passing the content on to a different department up the chain to someone more senior. While this is unavoidable in some organisations, it tends to lead to multiple rounds of changes and risks content being taken in different directions by different people.

Where possible, gather all feedback on an early draught draft at the same time. If everyone provides their feedback on a shared PDF, you can collate the comments and spot any conflicts easily.

Are all your reviewers reviewing everything with no focus? Try asking for structured feedback. Be clear about what input you are looking for from each stakeholder. For example, ask the Product Manager to fact check the product details and get the sales team to confirm if the content will resonate with their customers.

Stay in control of feedback with PDFs.

Nobody really enjoys collecting and consolidating feedback. Fortunately, Adobe Acrobat streamlines the entire process with easy-to-use commenting and annotation tools. It also provides you with one place to manage it all – with no need for multiple email attachments or file versions.
Add your comments – mark up your feedback on your PDFs using sticky notes, highlighters, shapes and more.
Send files for review – collect and consolidate comments from multiple reviewers in a single shared online PDF on desktop, online or mobile.
Quick and simple participation – reviewers can easily comment from any device, using the Acrobat Reader mobile app or from their browser.
Keep tabs on your project – get real-time notifications when reviewers open files or add comments. Send reminders, answer questions, update deadlines or close workflows.

Kick-start creation with stock imagery and templates.

So your content creation process is in place, streamlined and honed to perfection. All you need to do now is come up with some ideas for content. Relax – you don’t ever need to worry about starting with a blank page again.

 Stock imagery and stock footage can be a great way to spark creative ideas and getting campaign and video development off to a flying start. And with Adobe Stock you can streamline your creative process thanks to  a huge range of templates for things like brochures, animations and social media assets.

 Start a new project in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign with ‘File > New’ and search from a variety of high-quality templates created by professional designers. Previews are shown for each template so you can always pick the right one.

And finally…

By reviewing your current process for content creation and implementing some or all of the steps suggested above, you’ll be setting your team up for success when it comes to delivering impactful social content, quickly, efficiently and consistently. 

Transforming your business with Adobe Sign

Transforming your business with Adobe Sign

Organisations around the world are transforming their businesses thanks to digital technology programs like Adobe Sign. The power of an end-to-end digital experience allows you to replace traditional paper and ink signature procedures and approvals with a fully automated digital document workflow.

Many businesses still struggle with paper-based processes that are slow, error-prone and fragmented. The ability to obtain legal signatures in minutes, not days, prevent workers from spending countless hours hunting down approvals and ink signatures – only to then print, scan fax or mail documents to still be able to get the job done. These delays are frustrating to customers, business partners and employees alike.

Document signature processes represent one of the biggest areas to accelerate your business. Leading companies in every industry have turned to Adobe Sign and have reported accelerated turnaround times and have successfully trimmed days off processes.

The biggest question today isn’t whether to adopt electronic signatures – it’s how to go about it while ensuring compliance. You’ll want to understand the signature laws and regulatory requirements to make the right choice for your organisation but more importantly, you will want to partner with a company you can trust to help you deliver value not only today, but far into the future.

Adobe Sign is a Document Cloud solution that manages signature processes from end to end and integrates easily with existing business processes. As the only Platinum Reseller in Africa and with over 25 years of experience, Learning Curve are uniquely positioned to help you implement a legal and compliant signature process for your organisation.

Exceptional situations like we are currently experience means we have to find better quicker more efficient ways for our company paper trails and turn to digital technologies. Adobe Sign removes the necessity for paper based processes and catapults you into digital transformation.  Adobe Sign can help to remove restrictive bottleneck with seamless e-signatures, real-time PDF creation and collaboration from anywhere, anytime unlocking document intelligence and building-in enterprise integration, helping you innovate and transform all your existing procedures.

Sign goes far beyond e-signatures, enabling organisations to digitise documents and workflows of every kind. Deeply integrated into the applications teams use every day it will expand your investment in Microsoft applications, such as Office 365 and SharePoint.

Using Microsoft 365 with Adobe Sign and Adobe Acrobat together has the potential for combined benefits worth millions. Customers interviewed for the Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study on Improving Digital Experiences in 2019 saved time and costs in key areas including digital enrolment, printing, delivery and governance.  On average an employee saved 1.5 hours per transaction. Similarly, enrolment transactions reduced by two hours. Printing and hardware costs were reduced, hours were saved and sales cycle times improved. It is evident to see why Adobe Sign is Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution.


As for how well Adobe Sign has been adopted into the commercial sector, CEO of Learning Curve, Tim Smith commented “That thousands of companies have found Adobe Sign to be an imperative part of their business process with over 8 billion transactions recorded demonstrates how it can deliver tangible, measurable business impacting return on investment, cycle times and hours saved”.

Fully customisable Adobe Sign allows for flexible PDF and e-signature services and APIs that adapt any digital document process with automation and intelligence. This helps reduce costs while increasing adoption and use, significantly improving realised return on investment.

Adobe’s partner ecosystem consists of more than 13,000 solution integrators, agencies, technology and marketplace partners and more than 300,000 developers. Adobe is committed to your success and partnering with you to lay a foundation that gets you up and running quickly and defines a path for continued value realisation. Transparent, all-inclusive pricing includes comprehensive services that provide guidance and resources your team needs to deliver success throughout your digital transformation journey.

In response to questions regarding the safety and legality of e-signature capabilities Adobe addressed concerns by providing the measures they take to make sure that all transactions are kept private and secure. Adobe Sign is certified compliant with the world’s most rigorous security standards, such as ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2 and PCI DSS, which is used in the card payment industry. The program also employs Adobe Secure Product Lifecycle (SPLC) practises, a demanding set of over 1000 specific security activities spanning software development practices, processes and tools.

Adobe Sign empowers employee and customer experiences for more than 85% of the Fortune 1000 companies. It helps optimise digital document workflows for preparing, protecting, sharing and signing the most critical business documents. The results are exceptional customer experiences and improved business efficiency. But more importantly, Adobe Sign helps you maintain business continuity – even in these challenging times.


“One of the biggest advantages of Adobe Sign is that we can obtain a signature in an efficient manner while maintaining a proper audited workflow. Adobe Sign includes a full  audit trail that reassures departments of the quality and accuracy of the signature” – Melissa Domingues, California State University 


When you choose Adobe Sign, your organisation gets end to end, exceptional experiences, performance driven through AI innovation, a trusted, secure and compliant platform, a true strategic partner and an exceptional return on investment.

Modernise workforce productivity with completely paperless processes for every business or industry:


Adobe Sign is now available through the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) making it simple to manage all your licenses through one central admin console.

Contact us today to find out more about integration of Adobe Sign.