This year at Adobe Max conference, which was held in Los Angeles from 15-17 October 2018, Adobe gave us sneak previews of a few new tools, apps and enhancements that have blown our minds. While they live up to creating virtually anything they can imagine, we must admit that we’re in awe of the brilliant minds these creatives must have to imagine these things and actually bring them to fruition, ever pushing the boundaries of Creative Cloud.

These previews have us super-stoked – yes, this is a real slang word from the 90’s to match the theme of the conference 🙂 – and we are certain they’ll have many people doing happy dances at the prospect of being able to do so much more with so little effort and in so little time, but that’s just what we think. Why not take a look and discover for yourself if these new innovations make you want to get up and move your feet.

Brush Bounty:
Not only does Brush Bounty make it quick and easy to add animations to graphics, it can also use external information to include real-time weather, time of day and a few other features to bring it to life. We really like this!


Project Fast Mask:
This video editing tool enables you to edit backgrounds and add effects effortlessly, thanks to its masking out feature. All it takes is a few clicks to mask out any subject in your video, moving or still. Watch this one. It’s pretty advanced stuff!

Moving Stills:
This image editing tool adds the illusion of depth, enabling you to turn regular photos into realistic 3D videos with the click of a button.

Project Smooth Operator:
Converting a landscape video to a portrait video is a must if you want to upload a landscape video on Instagram. The challenge is that the object that is being focused on in the landscape video can easily be cropped from view in the portrait version. Not anymore! Project Smooth Operator identifies the action and follows it when cropping is done, so you’ll never lose the subject of your video.


Project Fantastic Fold:

This amazing concept uses the 2D die lines in your design to figure out how your package will fold and provides you with a 3D preview. Using this, you can drag your images directly onto the part of the 3D package that you want it on and Project Fantastic will automatically figure out all the offsets and rotations and split it across the relevant panels. Completed designs can be exported into Adobe Dimension as 3D models! Mind-boggling!

These are just five of the many new prototypes previewed at the Adobe MAX conference. In our next article, Five More Adobe Max Sneaks that have us Super-Stoked, we’ll share another five Max Sneaks that got us excited.