Our Instruction Design Solution

Are your learners demotivated? Are your learners performing poorly in transfer tests after training? Is your online content visually boring, cluttered or confusing?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, our Instructional Design Solution is for you.

We offer end-to-end eLearning solutions, including advice and consulting, training via short workshops, software tools to do the job, delivery solutions to help you reach your audiences far and wide and even produce the eLearning content for you!

If you still consider “Powerpoint presentations with questions” at the end as “eLearning” then give us a call. We can show you what online content for learning should look like, exposing you to a wider variety of eLearning format options to get your audiences motivated, engaged and, most importantly, performing better on transfer tests.

Interaction types you should be considering as part of your digital online content offering

Scenario-based role play

Software simulations that include Watch / Try and testing scenarios

Interactive Videos

Self-paced interactive Animation/ Explainer videos

Our Offer To You

We help you to build, or build for you, customised e-learning content that is delivered online and for mobile devices.

Our approach to content includes both knowledge and performance-based learning content, in the form of self-paced, screen or scenario-based simulations and various digital assets including interactive video and animation. We strive for contextual training content that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

We take special care in ensuring that the content is immersive and engaging in terms of content, media-rich in that it is built with and incorporates the use of the best available technology and authoring tools so that it appeals to contemporary audiences, and content that is relevant to the learners’ “on-the-job” requirements.

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

We are learning a lot!
L van Wyk, Head: Higher Education, PEARSON
J Govender, Head: Digital, Post Schools, PEARSON
…a very meaningful experience for us
Cavin Leibrandt, Centre for e-Innovation: ECAS (Training Unit), Department of the Premier, Western Cape Government

Our Promise To You

We always deliver exciting content to your learners that is far beyond the realms of “Powerpoint with Questions” at the end.

We convert your existing training room-based content into potent, online content through the application of academically recognised, global, multimedia eLearning and graphic design principles that include accessible, and truly instructional interactions and ensure that learning is best facilitated at all times.

We put the teacher back into the content. NO textbooks behind glass here!

6 Ways We Achieve This

We include extra examples, analogies and comparisons, and proper feedback that is missing from much of today’s online learning content, wherever possible.

Much like a teacher translating complex content, we rewrite the content using an informal tone make it accessible and easy to understand for the learners.

We use proven instructional techniques such as Storytelling and Role play to engage the learners, maintain their interest, and provide the all-important context for the learning.

We use relevant immersive visuals to explain and simplify complex concepts.

We incorporate interaction types that will engage the learners beyond simple question and answers.

We provide ample opportunity for learners to practice, so that they can apply their new knowledge, make mistakes and build and rebuild relationships so that deeper learning happens and they can master new material efficiently in a shorter space of time.

The Software Tools We Use

Learning Curve is one of Southern Africa’s premier software resellers, providing you with creative software solutions that are globally recognised, provide rapid content authoring solutions and guarantee the best quality available for content output. Just think of the engaging content you could produce if you had the right tools? Interactive video, animation and Interactive infographics, recorded software and systems simulations, interactive role play, simple games, questions and feedback, scoring and assessments.

  • Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter (PC only)
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Presenter Video Express
  • Adobe Premiere

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