The Adobe Max Conference held in October 2018 was nothing short of spectacular. So many things to look forward to, but even more things made available now. New features and updates made to Adobe Dimension CC 2019 and Photoshop CC 2019 were introduced and demonstrated by none other than Terry White. These were covered in our previous two articles and are worth a read.

Next up was Danielle Morimoto, who shared some of her favourite new Illustrator CC 2019 and InDesign CC 2019 features, and after seeing them, they’ll probably be favourites of yours too.


New Content Aware Fit Feature:
Placing images usually consists of drawing a frame with the Frame Tool, then dropping an image into it, typically followed by a lot of time and effort spent adjusting and resizing the image to get it to fit. Not anymore. The new Content Aware Fit feature automatically resizes the image for you.

InDesign now also has a new Contextual Properties Panel.

New Layout Adjustment Feature:
When it comes to magazine layouts, changing the size of your document has never been easier. Simply select the new Layout Adjustment feature and your entire document will be resized accordingly, saving you hours of work.


New Global Edit Feature:
There are times when you’ve spent ages on a design, only to realise that you need to change something. At this point, you may have hundreds of that particular object throughout your design. Rather than having to find each one of them and making individual changes, you can select the new Global Edit feature. It will find every visual instance of your selection and applies that change to it.

New Freeform Gradients:
While the Basic Linear and Radial Gradients are easy to use, they aren’t very flexible. On the other hand, Mesh Gradients are flexible and powerful, but rather complicated to use.

Powered by Adobe Sensei, the new Freeform Gradients feature is just as powerful as Mesh Gradients, but it’s much easier to use. IT revolves around adding points that each have their own set of adjustable properties, you can easily adjust colours, opacity, intensity directly on the points. You can add as many points as you want and simply moving the points around fuses the colours naturally, making it easy to create complex gradients. This feature recognizes shape boundaries, also lets you draw with paths, giving you more control over your creation.

How much simpler did your life just become? Try these out and don’t forget to join us next time to see which features and updates are available on Adobe XD.