Introduction To The Acrobat DC Marking Tool

In the age of online teaching and learning, it has become commonplace to allow students to compile and submit written assignments of many kinds online. Most online learning management systems have great tools in place for marking multiple-choice assignments, but when it comes to written assignments, the options are limited.

The PDF Marking tool is a custom plug-in for Adobe Acrobat that was created to fill this gap by allowing markers to use intuitive PDF annotations to mark assignments right on the page, but also to be able to calculate and upload marks using an automated and repeatable process.


Find out everything you need to know about the Acrobat DC Marking Tool in this presentation.

Discover just how easy it is to digitally mark paper tests and assignments and how versatile it is as pertains to freeform marking and rubrics.

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Through a survey and interviews of Adobe enterprise clients, Forrester concluded that Acrobat DC has the following 3-year financial Impact…

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Why The Acrobat DC Marking Tool?

The lockdown introduced in 2020 prompted an urgent move to online teaching and assessment. In a region like South Africa, education has been primarily paper-based, particularly around administering and marking assessment.

Teachers were presented with the challenge of having to safely and reliably assess work digitally. As a teacher, it is particularly difficult to find a platform, tool or application that will assess in a variety of formats, such as multiple choice, short answers, paragraph questions and essays.

The Acrobat DC Marking tool provides the marking flexibility required by teachers as well as the added layer of security that is a cornerstone of Adobe Acrobat DC.

6 Features That Make The Marking Tool a Must-Have For Electronic Assessments

  • Mark electronic PDF assignments using structured annotations
  • Customise marking tools according to the requirements of individual assignments
  • Mark documents while fully offline.
  • Easily calculate and recalculate marking results
  • Add and tabulate feedback comments, making it easy for students to access improvement notes
  • Standardise bulk marking by using pre-configured marking rubrics

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    Survey: Document Cloud + Microsoft 365

    Forrester interviewed Adobe Document Cloud and Microsoft 365 customers and calculated the potential return on investment (ROI) over 3 years.

    (Download the Abridged Forrester Infographic to see their findings)

    Click on the image to download the Infographic