In the age of online teaching and learning, it has become commonplace to allow students to compile and submit written assessments of many kinds online. Most online learning management systems have great tools in place for marking multiple-choice assignments, but when it comes to written assignments, the options are limited.

The Acrobat PDF Marking Tool was first developed by Learning Curve over 10 years ago but with the challenges brought on by Covid-19, universities had to find a way to assess students in an abnormal environment. Now completely revamped and compatible with Microsoft365, the Acrobat PDF Marking Tool allows markers to use intuitive PDF annotations to mark assignments right on the page and be able to calculate and upload marks using an automated and repeatable process.

The decisive and time-saving tool, used by universities during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns, has now become standard practice at some institutions. From the University of Pretoria, Professor Theuns Steyn reports the EMS lecturers’ regard the tool as the new norm in marking.

PDF is the most secure portable document format available  and with ability to be used off-line by individual lecturers and designated markers, PDF’s can be marked at different locations without compromising security. Saving valuable lecture time, the Acrobat PDF Marking Tool is a versatile solution to many vexing issues in the online assessment arena.

The PDF Marking Tool adds that extra layer of security ensuring marks cannot be tampered with.
Dr. Ben Kotze – Assistant Dean Teaching & Learning, Faculty of Engineering – Central University of Technology.

Some of the key features and benefits of the customisable Acrobat PDF Marking Tool include being able to place individualised comments on scripts assisting students with their learning process . Marks are added automatically saving time and eradicating the risk of human error and can even be automatically uploaded directly on to various Learner Management Systems. Used by several universities in South Africa the Acrobat PDF Marking Tool makes marking a breeze, on or off campus.

The Acrobat PDF Marking tool provides the marking flexibility required by teachers as well as the added layer of security that is a cornerstone of Adobe Acrobat DC.

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