Partner with Adobe Education to stay competitive in a digital world

By using Creative Cloud in the classroom, your students engage more actively, learn more effectively, and gain essential skills for employment.

Get powerful support

Adobe is committed to supporting institutions as they incorporate digital tools and skills into their infrastructure and curricula.

Teach skills that transfer to the workplace

Students can use industry-standard Creative Cloud apps in their careers far beyond graduation.

Enhance learning across all disciplines

Creative Cloud apps address a full range of communication needs and share a common interface, so it’s easy to use them across all types of classes.

See how students benefit from digital literacy

By learning to use digital tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, students develop creative and persuasive communication skills that help them succeed in school and in their careers.

Classroom engagement

Integrate digital skills across disciplines and throughout your curriculum to help your students master their subject matter, stay immersed in their learning, and improve their learning outcomes.

Soft-skills development

Develop your students’ essential soft skills like creativity, critical-thinking, creative problem-solving, and collaboration.

Employment advantages

Ensure that your students learn skills that attract the attention of hiring managers and remain relevant well beyond graduation.

Teach digital skills in the classroom to enhance communication skills for life

Adobe Creative Cloud is no longer just for media and fine-art classes — it’s essential in all classes. Whether your students are making brochures to present historical research, animations to demonstrate scientific concepts, or videos to deliver critical responses to literature, they’ll become digital storytellers and persuasive communicators.

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