Swivl – your personal cameraman in a box!

Swivl – your personal cameraman in a box!

Video observations that strengthen and inform

Swivl™ is a multi-purpose robotic motion platform, which will allow you to self-capture video. The robot enhances video capture by wirelessly following the movement of the marker and capturing high quality audio using a built in microphone.It also provides highly adjustable pan and tilt motion. This is useful for capturing yourself giving lectures, training sessions, conferences, or any other presentation. Learning sessions can easily be shared at the touch of a button!

Swivl™ is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices and can be used as a standalone, or as a component of a three-part capture and video sharing solution when used with the Swivl Capture App and a free Swivl Cloud service. This lets you upload your videos directly to the cloud using the Swivl Capture app for quickly sharing content, or even as a long-term hosting service for individuals, schools, and businesses. In addition to the Remote Marker, adapter grips, and Swivl cloud account, the Swivl robot also comes with a lanyard for the Remote Marker, AC adapter, audio cable, and Micro USB cable.

How to Swivl™?

Why Swivl™?

Video is a powerful tool but simply watching a video is a passive experience. Swivl™ not only makes it easy for teachers, students and administrators to capture video to share with others, it provides features to make video an interactive experience.

Broadcasting lectures and presentations that involved movement would be impossible with a simple tripod.  To do this you would require a cameraman, microphone, and computer. The Swivl™ acts as both a cameraman and computer connection while the Marker’s audio system captures  voice.  This takes the capabilities of a team with recording equipment and puts it in the hands of an individual with Swivl™.

Engagement, time saving, effective, opportunity for self-reflection… the reasons are endless. When a video observation initiative is effective and easy to implement, then it becomes sustainable.

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