‘Siri’ for Photoshop – Adobe Acquires Voice Activation Interface Platform

‘Siri’ for Photoshop – Adobe Acquires Voice Activation Interface Platform

Imagine having the convenience of calling on ‘Siri’ or ‘Bixby’ (for the Samsung enthusiasts) to assist you through the processes of your next Photoshop project. Well, this has been an idea that Adobe alluded to in January 2017 with this video below.

Now, with the recent announcement of their acquisition of  Sayspring, a Voice Activation Interface start-up, it would seem that Adobe are pretty serious about getting it done. Of course, Adobe will be looking far beyond Photoshop and we can expect to see some amazing developments within products like Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Here are some snippets of the announcement:

Adobe acquires voice interface platform Sayspring – Techcrunch

Adobe today announced that it has acquired Sayspring, a startup that helps developers prototype and build the voice interfaces for their Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant apps. The company says the Sayspring team will join Adobe tomorrow and that it’ll then start integrating the company’s technology into its own products.

All of Sayspring’s services are now available for free — but there is a catch. If you want to sign up for the service now, you’ll need an invite. Sayspring says it’ll select invitations and roll out new invites on a rolling basis.

If you think Adobe, chances are you are thinking about the company’s creative tools like Photoshop or Premiere Pro. Those may not seem like the most logical services for voice integration, but it’s worth noting that Adobe’s AI bets also include a focus on its marketing and document cloud. It’s easy enough to imagine the company using the Sayspring tech to power voice search in Document Cloud or Adobe Stock — or to let creatives perform basic tasks in Photoshop. Adobe itself isn’t telling just yet, so feel free to speculate.

“The way we interact with our devices is at a significant inflection point,” writes Abhay Parasnis, Adobe’s executive vice president and CTO, in today’s announcement. “We’re moving beyond the keyboard and mouse and even our touch screens to using something that is even more natural — our voice — to interact with technology.

Read full article here: https://techcrunch.com/2018/04/16/adobe-acquires-voice-interface-platform-sayspring/

Adobe gets more serious about voice interaction with purchase of Sayspring – Martech Today

Adobe, which has added support in its Marketing Cloud for such new tech as VR and Over-the-Top TV, has now boosted its bet on voice by announcing this week the acquisition of Sayspring, Inc. Deal terms were not made public.

The year-old startup, based in New York City, offers a free-of-charge and coding-free tool for creating voice interfaces and applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sayspring’s tech will be integrated into Adobe’s product lineup. The first integration will undoubtedly be inside the Creative Cloud, but it’s not hard to imagine that voice control of its tools could become an option across all of Adobe’s clouds. Additionally, expect Adobe to eventually release a broader support for voice-based marketing and advertising.

Read full article here: https://martechtoday.com/adobe-gets-more-serious-about-voice-interaction-with-purchase-of-sayspring-214103